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Rewind time

Architecture photography update May 2019

A photo assignment of KORA house for Architects, Kunjan & Raj of RGB Architects, Kochi. read more...

Dovetail in the news, i have been shooting for Dovetail almost 20 years now.

Hip Hop for photographers

Mana Projects Office - Sandeep Bangera
Cinepolis - Gurgaon
Meeta Jain Architects
Product shoot in progress
The fearless mouse. Homescreen image July 2017
Pre digital days - my medium format camera body - the RB 67, notice the audio cassette ?

10 July 2017

.....beautiful day
Sterile environment - during a photoshoot at Nano Lab - IISc, Bangalore.

July 2017

Real world product photography lens test comparison at my workspace, choosing the right lens for the assignment - both Nikkors. These unedited images have been magnified 3 times its original size (300%) .

At Kochi Muziris Biennale 2016

Kochi Bienale
Manoj Sudhakaran

Dec 2016

Catch of the day

A huge and awesome Fresnel lens (approx 5 ft diameter) atop the Thangassery Lighthouse in Quilon, Kerala.

Our Retriever Bella
Our retriver Bella

An old footage of Mr.Khaleel tuning a Piano at a School in Bangalore.

Malayalam altenative music band -Oorali - informal concert at a friends place - Little River Architects, Bangalore

A quick overview of the history of photography that i came across on Youtube.


    November 2019

    Good Homes - Issue Nov 2019 featured Architecture project by ma+rs Architects - Anisha & Sabyasachi More images : https://www. archdaily. com/926025/holiday-home-ma-plus-rs? ad_source=search&ad_medium=search_result_all

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Rewind time

Architecture shoot update May 2019A photo assignment of… Read more